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I've been a professional photographer since I started my business in Los Angeles in 2003. I specialize in Portrait & Real Estate photography as well as Promotional Videography. I'm a FAA licensed Drone pilot. 

I grew up watching my father, a professional wedding and portrait photographer, create stunning imagery of the people he photographed. As early as the age of 2, I was fascinated by cameras and as I grew up, taking photos was something that was just a part of life.
Blake age 2, 3, and 6


And then I rebelled. I did what so many troubled youths do and I got consumed by the world of improv comedy and acting. Though some could look at that as a major setback, it was in fact an amazing growing experience that turned an introverted and shy teenager into an obnoxious loudmouthed young man in his early 20's... ok, maybe it was a setback.

After my breakout role as "Guy Who Saved Woman From Burning Car" in America's Most Wanted (true story), I had my fill of acting and started my photography business in Los Angeles in 2003. In the beginning, my main clientele were in the comedy scene and they were more interested in photos that seemed fun and quirky rather picture perfect. My main focus was getting people's personality to really shine and has been the foundation of my work ever since. 

As I developed my photography and lighting skills, I won BackStage's "Reader's Choice Awards" 2 years in a row. I began photographing celebrities for the covers of magazines. From the beautiful Keira Knightly to the amazing Pee-Wee Herman, I worked with all kinds of personalities and learned how to be versatile in any situation. Many of my portrait clients asked me to photograph their weddings because they liked how comfortable I made them feel during our shoot. This opened up a world of storytelling that I had not yet explored and I developed a photojournalistic style that blended well with my experience as a portrait photographer.

In 2015, I sold my house in LA and moved away because I felt the need to take some time off and rethink my life and career. During this hiatus, I moved up to Mendocino, CA for a temporary job working in the kitchen at a culinary school. In early 2018, I moved to St Croix, USVI to work as a chef at 2 beautiful boutique hotels.

Starting in 2020, I finally made my way back to doing what I do best, telling stories with photos. My main focus now is to work with local businesses, non-profits, artists and realtors with their photography and videography needs. 

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MY APPROACH to Portrait Photography

My measurement for a successful portrait is when a stranger can look at the person in the photo and gets a sense of what that their voice sounds like. To me, it's more than just a taking a pretty picture, it’s about revealing the authentic nature of my clients and catching that moment when you are who you are when you're with a friend and there are no cameras around.

Whenever I start working with someone new, I begin by investing the time to get to know you, what makes you tick, your sense of style and personality. Devoting this time will also help us break the ice and help you feel more comfortable when it comes time to shoot. Together, we’ll review my portfolio and select the images that you love, the ones that drew you to me and inspired you to consider working with me. I’ll also ask you to point out the images that are your least favorites. I find this is a great way to cut through the semantics of the words we use to become more clear on the visual style you love. I like to think my work has a wide range of unique styles and what works for you, may not for someone else and vice versa.

When it comes time for me to pick up my camera, all the guesswork has been taken care of so we can focus on simply being present. We will work together to co-create an environment that helps you be you. Every so often, I’ll share a few images with you to insure we are on the same page and will make adjustments when needed.

Within 24-48 hours after the shoot, you will receive an online gallery of the high resolution, color-balanced images, for you to review and select the ones you would like to use. 

Since my clients range from professionals and artists to businesses large and small, my pricing and packages are custom made to fit your needs.

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GOSSIP: What People Are Saying About Blake

"I used to photograph my real estate listings myself. I take good photos. But the difference I experienced with Blake Floyd Gardner Photography was tremendous. Buyers were drawn to the properties. Sellers were proud of how good their properties looked. Now I want Blake to photograph every listing."
~Ryan Flegal, Co-Owner, Feather Leaf Inn

Feather Leaf InnFeather Leaf Inn

"I was initially drawn to Blake’s work because he doesn’t just take a picture, he takes a portrait of the person, the personality, the mood, and the story. He creates a whole world in each image. After actually shooting with him, I literally can’t bring myself to shoot with anyone else. He makes me feel comfortable, we laugh, he remembers my quirks, he’s always up for something new,  he’s a genuine pleasure to spend time with, and I’m always beyond pleased with our finished product. As always, I can’t wait to see what we do next!"
~Zoey Taylor, The Warren Tattoo Shop
Zoey Taylor - The Warren TatooZoey Taylor - The Warren Tatoo

"I have worked with Blake for years and when I needed new brand/lifestyle photos taken, Blake and I crafted a simple plan of looks that matched the theme of my business and the various pages of my website and social media . There is no one I trust more than Blake to take exceptional, high quality lifestyle photos. They have helped me to attract & create a deeper relationship with my audience. I couldn't have done it without Blake."
~Casey Zeman, Founder & CEO of Easy Webinar
Casey Zeman - Founder & CEO of Easy WebinarCasey Zeman - Founder & CEO of Easy Webinar






"We were lucky to find Blake to recently shoot our new home in Mendocino county and we could not be happier with the work he produced for us. He is a uniquely skilled photographer with the rare ability to interact on a personal level to photograph what you want from your shoot. While he could easily accomplish an amazing set on his own we appreciated his willingness to fashion some of the shots we desired for the property while adding the keen instinct of his own eye. We look forward to doing more work with Blake in the future and highly recommend him to all of you for your photographic needs. He is a true and gracious professional."
~Bryan W, Vacation Rental Owner of La Puerta del Mar


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