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ALS_BlakeGardner_017ALS_BlakeGardner_017 Is it coming yet? ALS_BlakeGardner_019ALS_BlakeGardner_019

ALS_BlakeGardner_021ALS_BlakeGardner_021 ALS_BlakeGardner_024ALS_BlakeGardner_024

ALS_BlakeGardner_028ALS_BlakeGardner_028 It's over already? Oh, that's not so bad...


Seriously, can we get this over with now? ALS_BlakeGardner_035ALS_BlakeGardner_035 ALS_BlakeGardner_038ALS_BlakeGardner_038 ALS_BlakeGardner_040ALS_BlakeGardner_040 ALS_BlakeGardner_041ALS_BlakeGardner_041 ALS_BlakeGardner_043ALS_BlakeGardner_043 ALS_BlakeGardner_045ALS_BlakeGardner_045

Put them all together, and this is what you get...


No animals were harmed and No water was wasted in the making of these photos.

Read more about that and why I did this HERE


Thanks to Matt Valle for nominating me.
Thanks to Lynz Floren for dumping a bucket of ice on me.
I nominate:
Joshua Voelker with The Adventures of Us! I challenge you to do it in slow motion!
Tim Tadder Photography, because your Water Wigs series is AMAZING!
Colleen Wainwright because you're awesome!
You have 24 hours (or more) to dump a bucket of ice water on your head and donate $25 to an ALS foundation, or skip the ice and donate $100 instead.
Thank you!
(Blake Gardner Photography) Thu, 28 Aug 2014 10:06:07 GMT
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - My Reasons When my friend Matt Valle nominated me, I was happy to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I did my best to do it right, but for those of you who find issue with the ALS ICB, I apologize for upsetting you. You're awesome and I love you.

First, I did this because of Anthony Carabajal and people like him.

I met Anthony once at an event for wedding professionals. He's a fellow wedding photographer whose work is simply the best. Check it Out. When he was diagnosed, he had to stop shooting weddings. Life gave him a one-two punch and I don't know if I would show the same strength that he has shown along with his vulnerability. I find him inspirational.


Now, let's talk about water and animals...

Since I live in Los Angeles, CA and we're in a serious Drought, I caught most of the water in my dog's kiddie pool. I'm going to pour the water onto one of my many trees that could desperately use it. 


My backyard used to be covered in grass, but I stopped watering it years ago because, whether we're in a drought or not, this is a desert and lawns are luxuries that are extremely wasteful. If you're in Southern California, you can get a rebate that might even pay for the cost of transforming your yard into something more eco-friendly. Info about the rebate can be found at SoCal Water$mart.

I'm also going to donate to Matt Damon's non-profit

Hopefully you don't feel that I have wasted our water supply by doing this challenge. If I've failed you, I apologize for disappointing you. You're awesome and I absolutely love you.


Also, I decided to donate my money to Compassionate Care ALS , which is an organization that offers continuing help to people living with ALS and their families. I did this because with this group, I know my money isn't directly going to animal testing. I am thrilled to see how much money the ALS Association has raised and hope they put it to good use. I am thankful for the people who were vocal about animal testing. It brought something to my attention that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

This campaign has done a great job of raising awareness, intentionally and unintentionally don't you think?

I hope you're not angry about anything I've said about animal rights or my personal choice to donate to Compassionate Care ALS... but if you are mad, I apologize for upsetting you. You're awesome and I absolutely love you.


Check out the photos from my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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